Wedding Flowers on Budget

How to get the Wedding Flowers on BudgetThere’ a lot of money involved in buying wedding flowers, but if you have a small budget you can save a lot, especially if you avoid the seasonal flowers.

Finding the best deal for flowers?

This should be the task of the wedding planner to search for the best value for money regarding the purchase of wedding flowers, besides to taking care of other aspects of the wedding party.

If on Budget Try Silk Wedding Flowers

Ok, maybe it won’t be an upper class wedding if you don’t use fresh and real flowers, but for the majority of people nowadays it’s compulsory to save money whenever possible.

And this is do-able maintaining all the beauty and being also unique,


Because of that fake, silk flowers that, at first, you will despise…

I would only ask you to revise your thinking for a while (and check the picture below): artificial flowers are without limits, just thanks to their artificiality, and can be made really unique and fit to the theme of your wedding.

Can I Take a Look at Your Portfolio?

wedding flowersThis is the first thing you have to ask for when you enter the store! If they can’t show you a photobook with the wedding parties they’ve served before, you’re better to walk away.

Normally there are no prices on this albums, so you have to tell the clerk that your budget is small.

After this clarification if they can make the cheaper version almost identical to the expensive one, just substituting another type of wedding flowers.

To contain the costs go for a simple design which is for evident reasons less expensive because the florist doesn’t need to spend time in the creation.

There’s also the do-it-yourself way: find a floral design that you like (on a book, on the web), buy the flowers and create the bouquet or whatsoever by yourself.

The “Collateral” Expenses

What will drive prices through the roof, in many instances, will be not so much the bridal flowers as the floral presentation for other people at the reception as moms and parents, best men and bridesmaids not to mention the ceremony décor or a tossing bouquet.

Of course to stay on budget will mean to forget some floral compositions for the wedding reception. You can place candles or other displays in the middle of dining or serving tables at the wedding reception. In alternative the flower used in the ceremony can be rapidly taken to the wedding reception venue and be arranged on the tables.

Remember that saving money doesn’t necessarily mean to buy fake flowers. In some cases fake flowers can are more expensive than the real ones. Just remain consistent with the style of your wedding and its color scheme, and choose the cheapest flowers that are suitable. Do not fixate on a specific kink of flower or flower combination: this is a sure way to significantly reduce the expenditure.

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