Royal Dragon Restaurant – An Incredible Thai Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand

You have to try the amazing Royal Dragon Restaurant (Mang Luang Thai) built around a lake, with pagodas and lots of glass rooms where you can eat and play Karaoke at the same time.

If you are only two you can eat outside in the middle of the lake or in an air-conditioned room on the shore.

All the evenings are enlivened by a cabaret show announced by a waiter who will be launched zoom to cross the lake from one end to the other and then again in case you have not opened the camera fast enough.

Perhaps the most original show is that of the waiters who bring the food in this restaurant of 300 meters, darting fast with skates.

For a long time it has been classified as the largest restaurant in the world.

With 80 chefs and 35 thousand square meters of surface this is probably true!

Your dining experience will be surely outstanding, with waiters running on skates, swans and new shows every night.

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Royal Dragon Restaurant – The Most Amazing Thai Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand

Most Amazing Bangkok Restaurant

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