Romantic Town: Trento, Dolomiti , Italy

Romantic Town

If you are planning a vacation to the romantic town of Trento in the Norheast of Italy you will find that there are many interesting things to see and do.

Trento is amazing to see, it was once said that the city has nothing to offer the tourist, but with all the things to see, you will enjoy a visit.

This was probably one the most important events of Modern History

The Cathedral of Trento

One of the most incredible attractions to see is the cathedral square, which is at the center of the city.

The Duomo is the ancient cathedral built ove eight hundred years ago and was the main seat of the Council of Trent, from 1545 to 1563.

This huge church is a must-see for its beautiful architecture.

Built over the tomb of the saint, over the centuries the cathedral has undergone various modifications and reconstructions, with the addition of Gothic and Baroque elements.

Today it is a complex but harmonious building, in which the Gothic and Baroque styles give life to rich and unique interiors.

Among the wooden sculptures, paintings and decorations, on the north transept stands the Wheel of Fortune, the large rose window that illuminates the nave, while on the sides of the naves, two rampant staircases allow you to reach the bell towers.

The Palazzo Pretorio and the Civic Tower

These two ancient buildings are located in the center and overlook Piazza Duomo, the main square point of the city: these outstanding monuments are also must-see very important historical monuments. You can easily visit them in 2 or 3 hours.

The City Castle

The “Castello del Buonconsiglio” is  an imposing castle very close to the city center. Surrounded by high walls, slightly higher than the city, this set of buildings is a true museum center, which contains rich collections of paintings, artifacts, sculptures and everything that tells the art and the culture of Trento from 11,000 BC at 1800 d.C.

romantic castle of TrentoWandering through the cobblestone streets is an experience that will take you back in time to live like the ancient inhabitants of this medieval castle.

Above all stands the Mastio di Castelvecchio, an imposing cylindrical tower, and the Venetian Loggia, from which you can enjoy the panorama of the city.

It is also worth visiting Torre Aquila, whose interior walls are entirely frescoed with the Ciclo dei Mesi: the work dates back to the end of the fourteenth century and offers a very detailed insight into the changing seasons, the professions and the daily life of nobles and peasants in Trentino in the 1300s and 1400s.

The Winter Markets

Trento is well known in Italt for its characteristic winter markets that usually begin at the end of november and end at 6 january, the “Befana Day” (the Hag Day).

winter market

The Fersina River Gorge (L’Orrido di Ponte Alto)

romantic town - Trento - the Fersina gorge For an unique waterfall view you have to visit “L’Orrido di Ponte Alto”, an impressive gorge of the Fersina river, very close to the city.

It was built over than 100 years ago when Trento was under the Austrian rule & administration.

The place is impressive, the gorge is deep and really deserves its name: l’Orrido (The Horrid)!

If you would like to get a beautiful view of the river gorge, the “Ecomuseo Argentario” is a great place to visit.

However the most important river of the city is the Adige, the second Italian river with a lenght of 410 km.

You can admire it in the following romantic picture taken from the San Lorenzo bridge in spring.







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