Make Your Next Romantic Getaway a Camping Trip

Romantic Getaway a Camping TripIf you’re looking into taking a romantic getaway with your partner, you may want to consider going on a camping trip.

Although camping is a popular activity for families, it is still considered a rather unique adventure for romantic getaways.

Romantic Getaway - Camping TripWhen you can get out into the natural world instead of your usual dates of movies and restaurants, you’ll find that camping will give you an experience that you’ll never forget.

There are a number of different reasons for camping being a great idea for your next romantic getaway.

Keep reading to find out why you should consider a camping trip for your next trip with your partner.

Being out in nature is the best reason for going on a romantic getaway. When you’re out camping, you are able to see just how beautiful the world around you is.

You get to see, smell, feel, and taste the natural world around you.

Most campgrounds offer a number of hiking trails that allow you to walk through the lakes, fields, forests, streams, and more without worrying about getting lost. Taking a long walk through the trees hand in hand with your partner is one of the most romantic ways to spend an afternoon.

One of the other reasons to choose camping as a romantic getaway is your ability to pick your camping spot. Unlike hotels where you’re stuck in a room where you have to pay more for a view, campgrounds usually offer a wide range of camping spots to choose from. If you don’t mind being around people, you can choose a spot near the bathrooms and the office.

But, if you want a spot that’s more secluded, you can also find an area where there aren’t as many people. You can also choose your spot based on proximity to different hiking trails or sources of water. When you’re making your reservations, tell the campground personnel exactly what you want, and they should be able to recommend the perfect camping location for you.

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Another reason to go camping is that there are a lot of activity options, depending on the campground and the time of year. Some activities available at campgrounds are golfing, disc golfing, swimming, hiking, boating, biking, archery, and fishing. You can also check local listings to see if there are any activities going on in the communities near your campground that you may be interested in checking out.

Once you’ve decided that camping is your next vacation destination, you’ll need to start planning. Because you want your romantic getaway to be a great one, you need to plan everything well and in advance to make sure everything is ready when it’s time to go.

The first thing you need to decide is what type of camping you want to do. If you want to rough it, tent camping is an option. This will mean you will need to bring food that can be kept at room temperature or keep a cooler filled with ice. Most camping nowadays is done in RV’s and campers/trailers, which you can buy, rent, or borrow from a friend. Most campers require a truck to pull. Campers and RV’s come in a wide range of varieties, and some can be quite luxurious. RV and camper spaces are more expensive than tent spaces because of the water, electricity, and sometimes sewage connections, but many people prefer this to tent camping.

Looking for a Romantic Getaway? Rent a Cabin!

If you are one of many people who don’t like the idea of building a fire to cook your food or walking half a mile for running water, you may want to consider renting a cabin. You can find all types of cabins at different campgrounds throughout the United States.

Romantic cabinSome are more primitive, while others have all the comforts of home, plus Jacuzzis and satellite TV. You will also have to look carefully at how many cabins are available at the campgrounds you’re looking into, because some are so close together you might as well be back in the city.

However, some cabins are set on the edge of a still pond in the middle of the Rocky mountains and the next closest cabin is a half a mile away, and barely visible through the trees.

Choose the Best Campground

Once you know what you’ll be staying in, you can decide where you’ll be staying, starting with the campground. Take your time when choosing a campground because some are definitely better than others.

You’ll want to choose your campground based on price, the activities available, location, and the overall quality of the campground. Ask friends who have been camping for recommendations and check campground ratings online to find the perfect campground for your next romantic getaway.

If you’ve decided to rough it with tent camping, look for big campgrounds that will let you stay basically wherever you want so you can set up your tent in the perfect location.

When looking into RV or camper camping, you’ll need electricity and water hook-ups, so make sure these are both available to you. Some places charge extra while others include these in the price.

And when renting a cabin, always makes sure you know exactly what it has. Ask about electricity, a refrigerator and a cooking area, indoor, modern bathrooms, and anything else you might want access to during your stay.

Preparing Your Camping Trip

Romantic GetawayThere are many things you need to do to get ready before your trip once you’ve got your spot reserved.

You may need to buy equipment depending on the activities you’ll be doing, and you’ll need to come up with a meal plan.

If you’re not experienced with eating camping-style meals, do some research to look for foods that are easy to store and prepare while camping. You’d be surprised at how many of you and your partner’s favorite foods you can easily prepare while camping, sometimes even on a fire.

Remember that the more you plan, prepare, and pack in advance, the less you will have to do once you get to your romantic camping getaway, which means you can focus on the romantic part.

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