Romantic European Getaway: Sleeping in a Bubble Tent Under the Stars!

Romantic Getaway: Sleeping in a Bubble Under the Stars!
            Romantic European Getaway: Attrap’ Rêves | Allauch – Marseille, France

Looking for a romantic European getaway? Sleeping in a bubble tent under the stars is a one of its kind experience and truly suggestive!

Also with the supplied telescope it is also possible to see the stars and with a small addition you can access the hot tub.

Plan Only a Spring or Summer Vacation in this Romantic European Getaway!

Important advice: if the outside temperature goes down inside it becomes cold and the humidity will be high, so it’s better to plan this vacation in spring or summer. Also the bathrooms are not really comfortable to reach.

The bubbles at Allauch are only 5, so the place is tranquil and very romantic. They are located far from each other, at different levels within the pine forest and are surrounded by trees, so in spite of the transparency, total privacy is guaranteed.

The  meals are prepared and left in the “chalet” with tables and kitchen, so at any time of day or night nobody pass in front of your bubble tent.

You’re better to book the suite, which offers a relaxation area in front of the tent. It’s recommended because after 8 am the bubble becomes very hot and has a greenhouse effect. You cam’t stay inside the tent so an outdoor area where to wake up slowly and hear the birds chirping is needed.

Each bubble has a table with chairs to eat for 2 persons, otherwise you can eat in the common area (indoor).

romantic european getaway - France
     Romantic European Getaway: Attrap’ Rêves | Allauch – Marseille, France

The Jacuzzi is optional and pretty expensive (1 euro per minute per person), but it’s great. Even though we had bought only half an hour we chose to do it at night.

It is located in the middle of the trees, under a small pagoda protected only by glass and so you can see the landscape around it.

The lights go out and there are only the colored LEDs of the tank. Very impressive and certainly romantic for a couple.

The reception was perfect, there is a staff member who is always available to explain everything you need to know.

Each bubble has a telescope at its disposal to see the stars. At night the bubble is very impressive, illuminated in blue.

You’ll love the idea of ​​sleeping under the trees and the open sky. You will see the sunrise directly from the bed, the moon above our heads. Awesome!

Each bubble has its own basic bathroom, with a toilet, a small shower and a washbasin; nothing more, but it is obvious that the type of location did not require anything else. Get more info about this romantic european getaway by clicking here…

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