Riga – Latvia

Riga – Latvia

Dall’Aeroporto Internazionale di Riga al centro

Beaches in and around Riga

Beaches in Riga and Jurmala

Free Old Riga walking tour start at the entrance to St. Peter’s Church. Thats by the Big main doors! Look for the guide with a yellow suitcase! 1 hour 45 mins duration.

You will learn about the history of this magnificent city, dating back to 1201 as well as learning the legends and tales that go along with Riga’s rich history.

See the main sites that Riga has to offer as well as being led to areas of the Old Town usually ignored by traditional tours. As always, our entertaining guides will be on hand to lead you through the centuries of history and inform you about what the Old Town has to offer today! Old Riga is a charming area of this great city and a must see for all first

What will you see on The Old Riga Free Tour?

Included on this tour are sights such as St Peter’s Church, The Town Hall square, The House of Blackheads, The Dome Square and Cathedral, The 3 Brothers, The Swedish gate, The Powder Tower, The Cat house, Peitavas street Synagogue and much more!

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