Moissanite is a gemstone with extraordinary durability, brilliance, and fire comparable to or even surpassing that of diamond.

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Cross Shank Halo Moissanite & Diamond Ring

An iconic 1 carat center stone is centered on this white gold halo cross shank engagement ring. Widely popular in all-time bridal trends and loved by celebrities, the halo offers a big look for dramatic appeal. 

Oval Moissanite &Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

A two carat oval-cut moissanite captures the most brilliant of sparkles over this diamond and gold engagement ring. The moissanite showcases pristine clarity whereas the diamonds showcase shimmering luxury.

Wide Shank Round Brilliant Moissanite Ring

A solo 9.5 mm round brilliant-cut moissanite is carried to the top of this solitaire engagement ring in classic peg head prongs. The band features an an extra wide tapering shank in solid 14-karat yellow gold and a high polish finish.