Marmaris: A Romantic Getaway in Turkey – It’s More Than Awesome!

MarmarisHave you ever wondered to have a romantic Turkey holiday in  Marmaris?

Where the sea plays with infinite tones of blue and the sky imitates it in a stunning manner?

Where the sun is always gorgeous and everything around is golden?

There are magnificent spots in the world where you can save time and money and have a great vacation at the same time.

One of that is Marmaris, that should be on the top of the list of places to visit before you die.

Marmaris is a small city in the southwest corner of Turkey, sitting on the Mediterranean Sea.

It has an amazing history that dates back 8,000 years, as well as beauty that will leave you breathless.

When you are choosing where to holiday, you need to give this city a thought.

One Reason for Choosing Marmaris Is Its History

This region of Turkey has seen some great men go through it in history, including one known as Alexander the Great, a man who Julius Caesar idolized growing up.

As well, it has been a major vantage point for the Ottoman Empire from the 16th to 20th centuries.

If you are a history buff, then you can’t go wrong with visiting a place that has 80 centuries of history to look at.

One of the best places to see during your holiday in Marmaris is the castle.

Romantic Getaway in MarmarisThis castle has stood, been built and rebuilt, over the course of thousands of years and has served as a garrison for Alexander’s armies, as well as Knights of St. John during their fight against the Ottoman Empire.

This city is a great place to spend your holiday if you are a history buff.

The sheer volume of history here means that you are going to need to keep coming back each year, just so you can see it all.

Think about it, how do you cram 8,000 years of history in a week-long vacation?

You can’t, so if you really want to see everything this city has to offer in terms of history, then you are going to need to keep coming back on a regular basis to see the mosques, castles, historical structures and museums, just to understand how vast and important the role this place played in human history.

A wonderful place for a historical holiday… and for a romantic holiday too for its incredible atmosphere!


Located in a bay, surrounded by mountains covered with pine trees, Marmaris is an attractive place, especially for lovers of water sports and sailing.

The Marmaris Marina is full of yachts ready to set sail to give you the opportunity to explore the beauty of southern Turkey.

In Marmaris, don’t miss to taste the typical cuisine in one of the marina’s restaurants and drink “Raki” (aniseed), a traditional Turkish drink.

You can stroll along the promenade tasting a good ice cream, spend the evening in a lively bar or go dancing until dawn in a sophisticated discotheque.

There are many beautiful things to buy in Marmaris: boutiques, colourful bazaars and markets offer a variety of top quality leather goods, copper, bronze, jewellery and onyx items as well as carpets, textiles and embroidery.

Cam bali, pine scented honey, is also a local production.

The Ancient Marmaris

The ancient Marmaris, Physkos, was an important center along the Anatolia-Rhodes-Egypt trade route.

In the 16th century A.D. Suleiman the Magnificent had a fortress built on the hill whose ruins can still be admired today.

Swimmers should not miss a visit to Ataturk Park, east of Marmaris, where a shallow sea beach extends towards the bay with safe and calm waters.

Marmaris offers tennis and horse riding centres to amateurs. It is also one of the rare places in the world where you can enjoy the intoxicating scent of incense trees.

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