Ikaria, Greece: The Only 1 Island That Holds the Secret to Long Life (& Romance Too!!!)

Ikaria, Greece: The Only 1 Island That Holds the Secret to Long Life (& Romance Too!!!)


Ikaria Island Map

Ikaria Island, Greece: The Kampos Beach in September

What’s more romantic than Ikaria in the sweet breeze of September with no one around? A Greek Island just magnificent!

Ikaria is a Greek island in the North-East Aegean, not far from the more famous Samos. It takes its name from the myth of Icarus, who, according to legend, fell into the sea right near the island.

This Greek island, together with only 4 other places in the world (including one in Sardinia), falls within the so-called blue zones, i.e. places where the average age is particularly high and, moreover, the rate of heart disease and cancer is very low.

For these reasons alone, of course, this island has intrigued me for many years.

I left, therefore, with very high expectations; I still find it difficult to say whether or not they have all been maintained: on certain aspects, perhaps, I was expecting something more particular.

On the other hand, I certainly cannot say that this island and all its peculiarities have left me indifferent. It is not a place that I would recommend to everyone, but I believe that Greek island enthusiasts should see it at least once in their lifetime.

How to Reach this Secluded Greek Island

Ikaria has a small airport, which is connected with two daily flights to Athens. And near the airport, in that fantastic month of September, I’ve waited for my flight in the incredible scenery of Almirida!

The island has two ports and ferries in some cases arrive in one (Evdilos, to the north) in others to the south (Agio Kirykos). We arrived in Evdilos.

Moving Around This Peculiar Greek Island

The best way to get around Ikaria is to rent a car. The routes covered by the bus are not many, the prices of taxi rides (given the distances) are quite high, and the condition of the roads is not always at the top.

This means that even the scooter is not as comfortable as it looks. The island is large but very sparsely populated, and the natural landscapes are really steep!

Without forgetting that Ikaria is the true home of hitchhiking. It will happen many times to meet people who ask for a ride, both locals and tourists, do not be afraid to give a ride, here people still trust others, fortunately!

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