Crosby Beach, a Romantic UK Breaks: #1 Beach near Liverpool


Romantic UK Breaks - Crosby Beach - an Oustanding Beach near Liverpool

           Ready for romance: the Crowby Beach near Liverpool

If you are looking for romantic UK breaks  you can go to Crosby beach, “another place”, in the true sense of the word…

Really! Another Place is an astonishing beach on the west coast of England, facing the sea of Ireland. By bus Crosby Beach is just 40 minutes away from the center of Liverpool.

Romantic UK Breaks Crosby BeachYou can take a relaxing walk on a long desert beach and admire hundred of iron statues scattered along 2 miles, on the shore or inside the water (it depends on the tide).

Each statue is a a replica of the artist’s body  (Anthony Gormley ) and each one weighs around 650 kilograms 189 centimeters tall.

The sculptures represent the theme of immigration through the installation of iron shapes both at sea and on the beach. recommended on a day not covered.

There is no bar nor any other refreshment point near Crosby Beach. For a snack or for lunch  you need to to go to the village nearby.

The Tides of Crosby Beach

If you want to see the Gormley statues, make sure to check the tide timetable before going to Crosby Beach, otherwise they may be submerged.

Bring good waterproof shoes because the beach is muddy if not completely wet.

To get to the beach there is a beautiful walk in a waterfront park, very pleasant. Just 15 minutes by train from Liverpool (Waterloo stop).

You can visit the place even if the weather is not so good. The satues near the sea are a really awesome sight!

Here the tide is very quick and the sea goes from high to low and vice versa in almost no time.

The sea reaches up to the bleachers and retracts hundreds of meters, leaving a huge beach alive at all hours!

There you wil see people walking, playing with dogs, biking, driving jeep and even collecting shellfish with their torches at night! 

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